Low Density Polyethylene

Product Description

LF0200 is a high molecular weight low density polyethylene film grade combining good
flexible extrusion behavior and superior mechanical properties. Film made from LF0200
exhibits high dart impact combined with excellent yield and tensile strength and high
stiffness. Its toughness bears even in cold temperatures. The film can be sealed on all types of
machines.The film possesses good dimensional stability and is resistant to tearing and
breaking. LF0200 contains antioxidant.



  • LF0200 is well suited for wide range of applications due to its unique balance of properties.
    The superior mechanical properties will improve the functionability of the films. Examples;
    general purpose bags, packaging of mechanical parts, carrier bags, coextruded milk bags, low
    tension power cables insulation and industrial injection mouldings.


Test Method Unit Typical Value Typical Properties
TSTM 209 B gr/ml 0.920 Density
ASTM D 1238 g/10min 2 Melt fow rate MFR(190°C/2.16)
ASTM D 1525 94 Softening point
ASTM D 882 % 330min Elongation @ break (MD)
ASTM D 882 % 600min Elongation @ break (TD)
ASTM D 882 kg/cm 160min Tensile @ break (MD)
ASTM D 1003 % 15max HDT
ASTM D 1709 100min g Dart impact
ASTM D 523 60min Gu Gloss @ 60