High Density Polyethylene

Product Description

F7000 is a high density polyethylene resin ;a product of bi-modal process from Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. of Japan



  • Enhanced ultra thin film
  • Good moisture barrier
  • Food contact applicable
  • Good impact resistance and processability
  • Shopping bag and T-shirt bag
  • Garbage bag


  • Recommend film thickness at 10-25 micron
  • High tensile strength with good dart impact strength
  • Low gel content
  • High stiffness
  • Wide service Temperature range, UV resistance
Test Method Unit Typical Value 1 Typical Properties
ISO 1183 g/cm 3 0.952 Density
ASTM D 1238 g/10min 0.04 MFR(190°/21.16)
ASTM D 638 kg/cm2 390 Stress at Break
ASTM D 638 kg/cm2 250 Stress at Yield Point
ASTM D 256 kg.cm/cm 30 Izod Impact
ASTM D 638 % Above 500 Elongation at Break
ASTM D 1693 hr Above 600 Stress Crucking Resistance
ASTM D 2117 ºC 131 Melting Point